Seggment is deeply convinced that the employment of migrants from Europe makes sense. We appreciate the added value they create on the Dutch job market. The selection we carry out and the subsequent comprehensive services provided to reliable and motivated employees allows us to contact employees with their employers. We always put the employees first. They deserve respect, good incentives and recognition. Thanks to perfect work organisation and treating the Employees with respect they deserve we develop ongoing work motivation. Its result is a pleasant and successful stay of our temporary staff in the Netherlands, providing them with thorough introduction to work, and for the employers - cost reduction and continuity of workforce supply.

Transport and accommodation

Seggment has very high requirements when it comes to the accommodation of its international staff. All of them have left (temporarily) their home (country), to relieve us from excessive burdens. Seggment believes it to be its obligation to show hospitality and take care of adequate accommodation and care in compliance with high requirements set forth by ABU International (an organisation associating temporary work agencies).

Seggment has a large fleet of own cars. We are very flexible in this respect and we are able to take care of the transport of Employees from their place of residence to work. Employees have a car at their disposal - they may organise transport together or use mini-buses to travel from the place of residence to work. 

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